Sunday, 4 January 2009

Some Relfective Thoughts...

I seem to be in a reflective mood today, so below are some thoughts that I decided to put down in print. These thoughts are mine and not necessarily supported by all and sundry, but I wanted to share them nevertheless in the hope that they will be read and considered. With the complexities of life, the differences between all of us, our individuality, our experiences, our perceptions and so on, I think it a valuable asset to be able to delve into how another feels to help enhance how we feel.

I'm embarking on a life project at present that is called the 'Exit Wilderness Project'. It's my means of ridding myself of the wilderness that I have wandered in over the past (nearly) 39 years. My aim is to reach the age of 40 next year and be able to say that I am free. I won't necessarily be free of all of the baggage from my past, but I want to hit 40 years of age with a new vigour, a new mindset and the ability to thoroughly enjoy what the next 40 years will bring. The thoughts below are also part of this process.

God has enabled me to be where I am today; to be a different person to who I was yesterday, last week, last month and last year. I am so very thankful to God for this. I feel the thoughts below are a result of the growth I've made in my walk with God, and the ability to live life more open and honest now, and to be accountable for all I think, say and do.

So, here they thoughts...

Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, and it’s sometimes up to us to mend a relationship gone wrong.

We are all different for a reason; it’s our differences help us to grow and adapt.

People are, at the end of the day, the most important aspect of life; why else would there be so many of us?

It takes a strong person to live by virtue and with integrity; it takes a stronger person to show they are virtuous and have the integrity to admit when they are wrong.

Life is not about possessions or who is right; life is about relationships and people.

God is the only one you can rely on 100% for anything, and I mean ANYTHING; He is the only true, trustworthy friend that we have.

Love is a doing word, not just something you say in between ‘I’ and ‘you’; it links the two by thoughts, words and deeds.

If you look outside yourself, you will find that life and all that it encompasses is amazing; lose your ‘self’ mentality and you will gain your ‘self’ back in abundance. It’s NOT all about you.

Family and friends are given to you for a reason; to build your life, to nurture you, to sustain you and to be there for you even when you think they’re not, to help you grow, to love you.

Blessings come in many forms; a Christmas hamper, a compliment in passing by a friend that what you do matters, the breeze blowing through the trees, so many avenues if you just look out and see.

No matter what our circumstances, it has all happened for a reason; it’s up to us to look passed what is in the now for opportunities for the future.

God does not make mistakes; you, your life, your circle of family and friends, your ‘everything’ is predetermined to enrich your life and build character.

We need to be living our happy lives now and not just waiting for ‘happy’ to come; enjoy every moment, take in the good and you WILL see and be ‘happy’ now!

Accept others for who they are; this allows for their unique selves to shine, and for you to let your uniqueness shine too.

I believe jealousy to be the number one reason for hatred and cruelty; second to that is ignorance and lack of maturity and understanding. The willingness to be happy for others, the desire to expand your knowledge base to enable growth and the ability to forgive will overcome jealousy.

At the end of the day, not one of us is that different to the other; our various differences, though, is what makes us all so precious and relevant to each other.

What we do here on earth is so small compared to the vastness and enormity of the earth and universe as a whole; it does not make what we do insignificant though.


  1. Exit Wilderness Project! I love it!!!

  2. Paula... I'm in agreement with you on all counts. We think a like. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I agree with your thoughts and statements. I find it not a coincidence that in some shape or form each of your statements takes us right back to one thing: relationships and people. Whether it's about admitting one's wrongs or that love is an action or that it's not about us (thus about others) or relevance to one another. I think all of your statements lead back to one of them n the middle:

    Life is not about possessions or who is right; life is about relationships and people.

    It really is about people. Loving people. Helping people. Blessing people.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Paula.

  4. I love your thoughts and am in such agreement. I could identify with many of them. The ONLY ONE I can truly count on is God. And He never lets me down. I've had trust issues in the past which tends to impact the now; but enough of that. He is trustworthy.

    Thank you for sharing from your heart Paula.

    No more wilderness living!