Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My Unfailing Companion...

"Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me." - Psalm 27:10

"God is the only one who wants to be and always can be the unfailing companion on our journey." - Gini Andrews

Every December 7th when I turn over my daily devotional I read the above verse and quote. And every December 7th I am reminded that God IS the only one that will ALWAYS be by my side no matter what.

He provides me with...

...unconditional love...
...no risk of betrayal...
...trust unlimited...
...total reliance.

And why is this verse and quote so important this year, as opposed to others? Without getting into detail in this post, it is because I found out a couple of days ago that someone whom I held dear to me, and whom I loved, trusted and relied upon at one point in my life, betrayed me. While this news is not surprising, given the person and the circumstances, the emotional fallout from it will take a while to recover from. It will actually go towards re-writing some of my life’s history.

This verse and quote has reminded me that God, and our Saviour Jesus, are the only ones ever, and I mean EVER, who will NEVER ever, no matter what, forsake me. How comforting is that?! It’s amazingly comforting, and not just when I face trials, but in general.

Dear Lord, I am blessed by You, and blessed by Your reassuring words that come – that ALWAYS come – at the times when I need them most. You have not, and will not ever, forsake me and today, and always, I am grateful for that. In Jesus’ Wonderful Name, Amen.


  1. isn't that just like our Father to have you read this scripture and use it as a reminder right now?

  2. My friend,

    I am so sorry for this pain. The verse you quote never fails to bring tears for me. So many times I have felt alone...except for Him. It is so true that He is the Only One who will never fail us. But also, He is the God of all Comfort. I am so glad you know HIm, Paula. His love never fails.

    Sending hugs,


  3. Paula, I am so sorry you have been betrayed. I am lifting you up to the Father. Cling to these words He has given you during this time and don't allow your focus to be on the wrong done you. He holds you safely in His hand.

  4. oh Paula, I am so sorry for your hurt...i have been there too as have so many others. It is a hard realization that the people we love deeply in this world will fail us. I have told my children that I will fail them and that the ONLY person who will not fail them is God. He is the ONLY one that we can count on in everything. I love those daily devotional calendars--they ALWAYS seem to "fit" my situation--God is good!


  5. Oh, Paula. I can so feel your pain. I do understand. I felt my own pain in your words. I've been betrayed by a close friend also. She doesn't even know or see it as such a deep betrayal as I do. I can share more privately in email and you can tell me if you think it's betrayal. I just know in my heart I've been betrayed and that friendship will never be as it was. Unfortunately, I have to see her everyday b/c of work. I've tried so hard to forgive. At times I think I have. Yet, I find myself taking offense to her even asking about my recent CT scan and medical procedures. My heart has a little attitude like "why do you care? You showed me where I rank with you months ago...." That kind of ugly thing in my heart. Oh how do I truly let go?

    It's so hard to be betrayed by those we love. To be betrayed by my beloved through abandonment and then betrayed by two friends during my trial. Ugg, huh.
    Love you,

  6. Hi Paula,
    Isn't our Lord amazing, I know the betrayl you feel, even when that part of our life is past it still makes you feel like it was all fake.

    I pray our Lord will heal the pain quickly for you, and know that He will draw you even closer.

    Love ya,
    Carol xo:)