Thursday, 4 December 2008

Being Guided Through Life...

I sometimes feel a bit lost while traipsing through this amazing journey that I'm on. I flounder and I struggle with who I am supposed to be, what I am supposed to be doing, and why it - life - happens. But, thankfully I am blessed by an amazing Father who answers my questions of who, what and why.

While sitting here at my desktop computer that doesn't get used much now that I have my laptop (thank you for blessing me with that Lord!), I turned over to the latest offering on my God's Provision for Women perpetual devotional that sits next to it and I read this verse -

"He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way." - Psalm 25:9

And, in His amazing way of teaching, I have been reminded about my identity and purpose:

- Who I am supposed to be - guided by and humble in Him...
- What I am supposed to be doing - learning from and living for Him, and...
- Why life happens - glory for Him and His way!

It's all rather simple really, and has been put so clearly in the verse, but I will shake it up a bit now. He guides me, in whom He wants my ways to be humble and right, while He teaches me His way, which is humble and right and guided. Not my way, not the wrong way, and not the brash and proud way. HIS way...humble, right and guided.

On further study of the verse I realise that He is also telling me that for me to learn His way, which is right and humble, I must become humble in my ways. (Are you confused yet? And have I repeated myself? Probably on both counts!) To become humble though, I must quieten my ways, quieten my actions, and quieten my self. If I don't, He won't be able to get through all the noise and busyness and teach me what I need to know to live His way...humble, right and guided.

His Word is self-explanatory really, but only if we take the time to look at the words and extract His meaning from them and interpret His words for what they really are. Simple instructions on how to live life from our Father.

I've started a study of the book of Isaiah this week, and I've been blown away by the bluntness, and simplicity, of the first chapter. God, through Isaiah, tells how He is disappointed in His people, what they have become and why they have become like that. He also tells how they can return to Him, what they can become once again, and why they need to do it. Simple yet exact instructions of redemption from a Father who loves graciously and who offers His best and all with a wonderful twist…eternity.

Take a look at a verse today - a poignant one that has stood out to you - and see if you can extract God’s guiding, and most likely simple, message that He has in it for you. I’m glad I took a look at this verse the He provided me and gained a reminder of the who, what and why of me and my life.

Thank you Lord for showing me Your way, and for reminding me that the guidance and lessons I need to live life the right and humble way are right in front of me in Your Word; available 24/7 and given to me by your love. In Jesus Wonderful Name, Amen


  1. Paula, I love the spin you put on things. The word "humble" really jumped out at me in this post. God's ways are humble...something to think about!

  2. love it! you are amazing.

  3. Paula, you are so thoughtful and purposeful in all that you do, and you are such a wonderful witness. I don't think we learn, and I don't think we have much to offer our children either, if we don't flounder and struggle and seek God. You are doing all of that and more and giving glory to God along the way... Blessings. Naomi

  4. This was inspiring, yes I thinks sometimes when we get caught up in just reading, we stop looking a the true meaning of the words and how God teaches us. I know I've done that.

    Thank you for this reminder friend, I'm always so up lifted when I read your posts.

    Can't wait to hear your summary on the Behind Those Eyes.