Friday, 19 September 2008

The Man God Has Given You...

I read an article last night in a Christian women's magazine and it's about a lady who met and married a lovely man back in the early 1960s and how she went from living and working overseas to the wife of a farmer in a matter of a year. She then talked about her life experiences with her husband and three daughters, moving back to the city and how her husband was diagnosed with not one, but two illnesses, with Parkinson's being one.

She then told how her husband died suddenly, but not unexpectedly, and how she wished she could have said goodbye and told him that she loved him; told him how much he meant to her, and all those other things that one probably doesn't tell one's partner enough or regularly or at all. In closing she said the following, which really touched my heart and made me shed a few tears.

Love the man God has given you (and tell him you love him often)
Spoil the man God has given you
Forgive unconditionally...he's not perfect and nor are we
Laugh a lot
Seize the moment and do things together today!

© Pamela Melocco (Christian Woman magazine, Sep/Oct 2008)

Please enjoy and remember to do all these things, especially if you are blessed to have your man with you.


  1. Wow. I'm completely convicted. I got in a fight with my husband just an hour ago, over something small and insignificant of course. Reading this post reminds me of how precious the time is... time to go tell hubby I love him and to spoil him today. Thanks for the post. Lindsey

  2. Paula,
    As you know, how I long to be able to love my beloved. I've often thought about either of us passing unexpectantly and being able to verbalize, show, or express my deep love for him, even if at this point he doesn't believe it or feel it deep in his heart. You know what I just have the chance to express it knowing that God could bring that truth to the surface of his heart one day even if he denies believing it now.

    I purchased him a beautiful Cmas gift last fall. He is a musician (sings, plays guitar and piano). It is a wooden piece that has the hymn page of "How Great Thou Art" etched into the wood. It is also a music box that plays the hymn. It was $30 and I purchased it for "one day". I know I couldn't give it to him for last Cmas but I still have it for that time that I can give it to him, even if it's not a time of reconciliation but a time when his anger has subsided.

    I would hope that if I ever pass before him, he would somehow find this item and discover the truth about his wife. I still have a few life insurance policies with him as the beneficiary. I would hope that would somehow speak volumes to him but then I wouldn't be here to "see" it.

    Sorry for the book.

  3. I've been thinking so much about this same topic. Thanks for confirming it in my heart -- something the Lord wants me focused on in the long run. No doubt.

  4. Thank you for reminding me. Oh, how selfish we can be sometimes....


  5. I'm teary eyed as things can be so tough at times. Thank you so much for sharing this Paula.