Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

Yes, the best laid plans of mice and mummies...hehe. I had planned on being a super duper homemaker today and tackle a lot of long overdue tasks that I had to do, plus start working on my household organiser. But, instead of doing that, I went out and finally bought a laptop, which I've been talking about doing for quite a few months now.

So, here in the photo above, is yours truly looking ever so pleased with herself. And yes, as you can see, my stacks of paperwork that I had to go through are sitting there on my dining room table waiting for sorting. Also, you can see my desktop PC in the background, switched off and most likely feeling a bit rejected. I will still be using it, as all my music and photos are on it, but the laptop will be for my blogging moments - my inspirational moments - when I'm sitting up in bed, like I am now.

I am thankful for the blessing of some extra cash that was bestowed upon me post-income tax time, or else I would not be sitting her on my laptop typing this blog from the comfort of my bed! And I am looking forward to developing my writing and blogging skills in the times to come, which is part of the reason I decided to buy the laptop too. It's a big buzz for me, as you can probably tell, to have this technology available to me.

Three years ago I didn't even own a computer, and only accessed the internet from work. I laugh when I think that in 3 years I've gone from only a work and Hotmail email address, no computer and an old school mobile (cell) phone to having 2 desktop computers, a laptop, a computer on my mobile phone and umpteen dozen email address and also web pages! I love it though, and I especially love the freedom that this technology has given me.


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  2. Paula, I read this earlier and meant to leave a comment. lol. And now I cannot even remember if I did! I am losing my mind!

    I am so glad you could treat yourself to a little blog/writing gift.

    Laptops make the world a better place. Of this I am sure.

    <3, Kristen