Saturday, 6 September 2008

Lessons From My Car...

I have had to do a bit of driving over the last day, and although I don’t mind driving, I am not keen on driving in the rain, at night and when it’s windy and I encountered all three in the last 24 hours. I have just returned from the hairdresser (woo!) and although the trip there took me about 25 minutes, the return trip took nearly twice as long. Why? Because of all the cars on the road rushing here and there, and also too from the “weirdness” in the air that is brought about by the wind.

I am a tactical driver. I map out my voyage based on the smoothest route, less traffic light stops, etc. Last night on the trip home from my destination I almost took the road less travelled just for the view (oh, and not having to pay $2.90 at the toll booth) but decided against it, and God spoke to me through that. Today I took a detour on the way home to avoid a sometimes hair-raising roundabout, but I happened across even more traffic on the detour than at the roundabout so I had to back track and continue on the original path. Then, to my shock and horror, I was the brunt of some road rage by a lady in a very large and very new looking four wheel drive vehicle, which set the heart racing a bit.

What message did God teach me through these experiences? He taught me to always go with my gut instinct, which to me is His voice guiding me in the way I should go (as I have found out on numerous occasions after not listening to Him!). He also taught me that He will look after me along the way, whether that be by the Police and Road Safety staff ensuring that all the cars slowed down through the road works last night, or through someone waiting at an intersection behind me who toots their horn for me to signal which direction I’m going because I’d forgotten to indicate. Oh, and by also taming my tongue and actions during the road rage incident (thank you Father!).

All this driving talk has made me think about how we only drive as skillfully as we have learnt how too. The same applies to the Christian walk. We can be given the basic training on how to start a car, put it in gear, lift the clutch and drive off. We can navigate the steering wheel to get around the bends and corners. But as far as dealing with the external aspects of driving, that comes down to being aware of what is out there. Other drivers, road hazards, weather conditions, and right down to the condition of our car. It’s easy then as a Christian to feel God’s call in our heart, do some Bible reading, say to friends that “hey, I’m a Christian now”, and just think that life will be A-OK. But, we must be constantly aware of the external factors; other people, hazards along the way, the condition of our surroundings and, most importantly, the condition of ourselves. After all, a car cannot fuel itself, drive in for it’s service, change it’s tyres or adjust the air pressure. It requires help from you, just as in the same way we need help from God to drive through life.

I put total reliance in my car that it will get me to my destination, but I have to do my part too. The fuel top ups, services, new tyres, air pressure checks, etc, all come from me. The same with my Christian walk; I have total reliance in God that He will get me to my destination, which is home with Him, but I have to do my part too. In the same way my car needs things, I also need fuel, services, new tyres, air pressure checks (and that includes hot air checks!). But the difference here is that God provides all of these, except too much hot air, of course! That would just be me getting too big for my boots on that one!

My car needs me just as much as I need it, and I need God just as much as He needs me. It’s a win-win situation all around really. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I love my car, but I like it a lot and although I don’t look after it as much as I could and should, I appreciate it for it’s purpose and would be sad if I didn’t have it. God is the same way with us; He loves us so very much and appreciates our purpose, which is to live our lives for Him, and He has been, and would be again, very sad if He didn’t have us. So the next time I hop into my car, I will think differently of it, I will treat it with a little more car, and remember that it, like me, is loved.

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  1. Very nice post, Paula. I'm so thankful that His part is totally sufficient to get me to heaven. My part make the ride there more joyful.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my devotional over at Laced With Grace. I'm praying for you.