Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blogtoberfest2014: Day 1 - Endings & Beginnings

Last year on my Paula's Sharing Spot blog I joined Blogtoberfest 2013, which was hosted by Michelle from Shells in the Bush. My post on the last day of October was about endings and beginnings. This new blog page is exactly what that is all about. Ending what was and beginning what will be. Oldness. Newness.

One ending and beginning that I've experienced recently was the decision to leave my employment of 20 years and become a university student. It wasn't a decision that was made overnight. It was one that had been on my mind for a year before it happened. Why it ended up happening was because God allowed me to be in the right place at the right time. I had become very despondent about working in the administration field. I was tired of pushing pieces of paper around on my desk and on my computer. I had tried my hand at a higher level job and thoroughly enjoyed it under the right leadership. But, after some changes I was done with it all. I needed something else.

The transition from being employed full-time, to not being employed, then to becoming a full-time university student, as well as being a single mother, was indicent free. It took a while to get out of the "I have to get up and go to work" mindset, but after lazing around for a couple of months I felt some enthusiasm start to build up again. I wasn't feeling lazy because I missed working, or where I worked. I felt lazy because I had been on an emotional rollercoaster at my old job for 15 months and was glad to be off it.

My life now as a university student studying a Bachelor of Social Science is stretching me to capacity but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have never read so many non-fiction pages before in my life. I had never written a research essay or written report up until last month. But I am learning so much about myself, my capabilities, and my learning style. I am also learning a lot about human beings.

One aspect of myself that I do know now is that working had become a chore for me. Yes, it paid the bills. Yes, I was more than capable at doing my job. But that's all it became. I was no longer passionate about working in the administration field. I needed to do something that I felt was really meaningful, and something that would stretch me beyond what I had been happy to settle on doing for so very long. As Rob Hills Sr. puts it here, I needed to do something that I never need take a vacation from.

I have found that now. I study counselling and psychology. I parent a pre-teen daughter, which is no mean feat. I create art to balance the left and right sides of my brain. I set my own timetable. I worry about my finances, while also thanking God daily that He has allowed me to be in the position financially that I'm in. I am happy and content.

So, my ending has given me a wonderful new beginning. I am looking forward to seeing where God is going to take me on my new journey into the second half of my life. I'm very thankful that God enabled me to be more, and do more, simply "because I know there is more".

In Him Always,


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