Monday, 7 May 2012

The Best Artist...

God has shown Himself to be truly magnificent over the last few days as far as weather, sun rises and sets go. He is magnificent ALL the time, but I guess He felt that we needed a reminder. And what a reminder it was ... the most beautiful and striking sunset I've seen in, well, ever I think. And not a moment too soon for me.

I needed to be reminded that God is totally and utterly in control.

That He has EVERYTHING in my life under control. I just need to remember that and also that I'm a child of the Most High God and to not be subject to the 'human condition' and act in a way that Jesus wouldn't.

It's easy to let your mouth do the talking, instead of shutting up and letting your actions do it instead. I'm guilty as charged and always regret it. I need to remember that I'm dealing with human beings, with a lot of them being unsaved and unaware of the real battle that is raging about them.

I need to remember the Real Artist. The One who has my canvas already painted to perfection, like tonight's sunset, and that if I just let Him continue painting then I won't remain without depth, colour and vibrancy.

And I feel like that a lot too: shallow, dull and boring. But then God reminds me, like tonight, that I am not like that. I am a new creation in Him.

My canvas has been repainted, enhanced and given depth. What was - my past and my poor choices - is no longer what is. Others may choose to live in my past, but God has painted a new scene for me to live in. And I thank Him so much for this.

Paula xo

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