Thursday, 16 February 2012

Too Important Not To Share...

J. Lee Grady has written an article that is too important not to share. It's titled "Whitney Houston and the Silent Shame of Addiction" -

What he's written about - how drugs affect a person - is spot on.

How drugs take over a person's mind is phenomenal. The drug takes over ... literally. It causes paranoia, changes brain chemicals, as Grady writes about, and controls the person. The fallout from drug taking is enormous. Not only does the drug taker lose themselves, they can lose those around them. In Whitney's case, her family supported her struggle. But in some cases, the struggle gets to the point where support can't be given.

I know people who have had drug addictions, whether that be pot, meth, heroin or alcohol. Some of these people have overcome their addiction and are now clean and sober. But some of these people haven't. Some have lost their struggle with the drug that took over their life. Some are still struggling. One of these people lost their life to illness caused by their struggle last year. And yes, this person loved Jesus, is with Him now, yet still dealt with their struggle.

It's so easy to judge, especially when you may think it's as easy as just stopping. It's not.

Drugs damage lives, whether it be the drug taker or those around them. And drugs leave a lasting effect on all those that it touches directly or indirectly.

Don't be quick to judge. Jesus didn't so neither should we.

If you have someone in your life - even if it's you - that is struggling with drugs (and I include alcohol in that group) - get help. Don't lose your life to something that the devil uses to ruin God's precious children.

Paula xo

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