Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I'm Guest Posting Today!

My beautiful SFAM (read the post to find out what this means) Jo is running a series of 'Revision' posts and guest posts over the next month or more. And guess who is featured first...???  Yes, it's moi!  I am so blessed.

Princess Warrior Lessons

Please pop on over to Jo's blog - {Princess Warrior Lessons} - and read what I have to say!


  1. Read it, loved it - and good on you for not allowing mental illness to define you, and for actively pursuing health and recovery!

  2. I so appreciate having "discovered" you through AEDM -- and you steering us to Jo Princess Warrior's blog -- and you sharing your heart! I love how the Holy Spirit works . . . :)

    Blessings from one Paula to another!