Thursday, 23 June 2011

Taking Off the Mask...

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I work in an environment where the norm seems to be for all to wear a mask of some sort.  To be cool, calm and collected the majority of the time, and to fit in.

I am none of these.  I can be none of these.

As I write this, I am "coming down" from not being anywhere close to any of these unrealistic states of expectation.

Today I took the mask off.  The answer to, "how are you Paula?" was "I’m cranky, in a foul mood and wishing I wasn’t here." 

I couldn't be cool, calm and collected because if I had have been I would have exploded. My mental and physical well-being would have been severely messed up (even more than it already is!).

I felt like I didn't fit in because I wasn't being "normal" and composed.  I didn’t have the “smiley face” on.

But that is me. I don't fit in.

I used to want to fit in, but I openly admit that I never have, never will and never want to.  I used to want to, but after discovering my personality type earlier in the year, I know that I'm just not that type of person.

A friend said that saying, ""I'm fine" when you're not is wearing a mask. Take off the mask and be authentic, beautiful, broken and the real YOU!"

I will do that, as I'm tired of having to conform, fit in, toe the line, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I will still do what is right, operate with integrity, be respectful and polite and work to my fullest capacity.

But I refuse to lose who I am - the eclectic, somewhat eccentric and authentic me - in the midst of it all.

I won’t wear a mask just to fit in.


  1. The real you is so amazing! It is so liberating taking off the mask. So proud of you. I love you for YOU. xo

  2. How did your co-worker respond to your real answer? Some people don't know how to respond to 'real' do they?
    Applauding you for taking a stand on who you are :)

  3. Hi Paula. Good for you. God created you the way you are for a purpose so why conform to the norm?
    God bless

  4. Fantastic! It is these small stands that help us on the journey to being who God created us to be. Not someone else but the true you!!

  5. I am glad to hear you say you are taking the mask off I know I don't know you at all but as I was reading your post I felt compassion for you and so I want to give you this statement it's something I have posted on my page for every person to read so that they know who they are..I pray if blesses you as it blessed others.

    Today is a brand new day I want you to know that no matter what you have gone through in life, no matter what you might be going through now. Of all the hurt, pain and disappointments you had in life.

    None of those things will ever determine who you are. For you are much more then those things, you was created in God's image which means He made you perfect. He placed a destiny and a purpose in your life.

    There is greatness in you always remember that. And don't let anyone or even yourself try to tell you any different. From this day forward walk in His divine word. Speak to yourself and say I have a purpose, I am some body, I am loved, I am cared for. Began to see yourself like God sees you.

  6. Love this Paula! authentic you is so lovely, beautiful and wonderful to be around.