Thursday, 16 June 2011

As of Late : June

I'm joining my wonderful friend Christy over at her blog, Critty Joy, today for "As of Late".  Please pop on over to Christy's blog to see what other peeps in the blogosphere have been doing too! 


Lately I have been pondering what it’s like to be forty-one.

Lately I’ve been more blogging more than ever before, and not just here at my Spot, but also here and here.

Lately a lot of web-sites such as Jeff Goins Writer, ProBlogger and Michael Hyatt have been whetting my appetite for learning more about blogging and life in general.

Lately I have been falling in love with life again.

Lately I’ve been able to reduce my daily intake of little white pills!

Lately I’ve been changing how I interact at work so I become more of an uncommon woman instead of a common one.

Lately God has been reminding me of His greatness in the Book of Isaiah.

Lately I have been getting excited about starting The Bible in 90 Days Challenge next month.

Lately Jasmine and I have enjoyed some mummy/daughter time together at night while we watch MasterChef and I crochet.

Lately I have been praying about where God wants to take me, and thanking Him for His answers. that I've shared, what is going on with you as of late?


  1. Paula I am so glad you are taking some of the steps above but mostly I am glad you are falling in love with life again. As someone who has been journeying in that makes me happy when others are doing it too :)

    I discovered Jeff Goins a few weeks ago and he is very challenging! His bio in 3 sentences post challenged me for days before I got mine done.

    So glad you could join us dear Paula! <3

  2. LOVE that you're falling in love with life again. WONDERFUL. Great blog :)

  3. Hi Paula, Love your list. xx

  4. Paula, this is a great update to your life. Looks like all is going well! So excited for you and the B90 Day challenge! I know you will be blessed.