Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Royal Treatment...

As a single mum I struggle with getting some things done ... like fitting in a hair cut, having a pedicure, and pampering myself and my car! The lovely folks at East Lincoln Alliance Church in Amery, Wisconsin, however, are right on target with pampering single mums in their community!

A day just for single mums! I love this concept, and would love to be a recipient of this type of pampering, especially the car stuff!

If you see a need in your community, you can fill a need. With single mums, as I know first hand, pampering is something that would benefit them immensely. It's the little personal things, not just helping them out with things around the house, etc that matters a lot. But it's also the "manly" things that need taken care of too. Things like sorting out the car, mowing the lawns, pruning, and so on.

Please pop over to Kathy Schwanke's blog page - Blessed Builder - and read how your church can also treat single mums to a day they well deserve! Thanks Kathy and East Lincoln Alliance Church!

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