Saturday, 14 May 2011

I Want...

I want to go back to simple days where on a Saturday I get my chores done and then enjoy the rest of the weekend.

I want to get up every day and not check Twitter or my emails first.

I want to be organised and have motivation to tackle tasks at home.

I want to be pain free; to have a healed neck and not suffer anymore.

I want to not have to rely on a little white pill to keep me anxiety free every day.

I want to know love from a man who thinks, says and does Jesus during every moment of his life.

I want to not have to cope on my own anymore.

I want so many things.

The best part about my wants is that God wants them too. And one day - when He knows I'm ready - I will receive these wants.

Thank you God for your revelations and blessing over the last three weeks of being on a Daniel Fast.

PS: I'm excited to tell you all that I'll be the guest blogger over at The Lazy Christian on Friday USA time/Saturday Australia time, so pop on over and check it out, and also check out Rachel's posts. That girl is awesome and altogether funny. I'm so glad we found each other via Twitter - props to Twitter! And thanks're a champion!


  1. Love this post Paula...I want so much too. xo

  2. Hi Paula - Hold on to all God has promised you and when you feel low, praise praise praise Him. And if you don't feel like it, turn the volume up on a good cd until you can't think anymore. God bless, Tracy

  3. So many wants to live the perfect life.