Saturday, 19 March 2011

Learning to Be a Single Mother Success...

Just under a year ago I had the pleasure of posting two single mum articles at Exemplify Online & Magazine. As being a single mum is a passion of mine, I thought that over the next few weeks I’d share these articles, and also one that was never published. I also hope to post more regularly on life as a single mum in the hope that my experiences can help someone else!

As a single mum, aka solo parent, now for just over 4 years (5 years now!), I know why I am where I am. It is to bless others! God has impressed many things upon me about being a single mum, and despite the hardship that surrounds my life at times, I know that it is all for His glory. I once heard that “we are all exactly today where we are meant to be”. I believe that to be true, even if just for a season until God moves us onto the next season.

Being a single mum can be hard work. It’s not only the physical aspect but it’s also the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects that take a toll. Wherever you have come from, or wherever you are now in your single mum journey, you will go through a myriad of emotions, thoughts and experiences that will test you. The key is to pass the test…to learn from the experience…to come out on top…to succeed.

We don’t always succeed, but our Rock, Expert Educator, Saviour and God is right here to support us. He is the one means to get through it all. When your children test you, work is busy, your ex is making life difficult and you feel that you just cannot go on…the one place to turn is heavenward.

I find myself asking God for a lot of advice on raising my daughter. I remember one day not long ago I asked Him for guidance in a certain situation. I chuckled as I added, “…because I know that I haven’t been the easiest child to deal with and I know that you know what I need to do!”

Yes, being a single mum can be tough, but we have the best source of support – EVER – right at our fingertips. Not only can we pray to God at any given time, but we can turn to His Word for the wisdom we need to succeed. We can also source out godly advice from web pages such as this site, and more. And while it may seem difficult at the time and you just cannot wait to see results, His results will come and will BLOW. YOU. AWAY.

I look at Hagar and the widow at Zarephath. They were single mothers; both under different circumstances, yet God knew exactly how to bless them. He will not abandon us to raise our children alone. He is their father after all, and ours. He is the husband, partner, confidante and covering that we need to steward our children – His children – into adulthood. We are truly blessed to have Him this close. And believe me, He IS close to us as single mums; closer than we think.

The blessings that God bestows upon me on this journey are simply amazing. The comfort and protection He provides is astounding. My hope is that I can bless other single mums with the experience I have under my belt. I look forward to your comments, and even suggestions about topics you would like covered here. The important thing to remember is that you are NOT alone on your journey…God is with you ALWAYS!

And as the angel of God told Hagar in Genesis 21:17 (NIV) from heaven…”Don’t be afraid; God has heard…”.

- How has God blessed you as a single mum?

- What lessons are you learning at the moment?

- Is there a single mum from in the Bible that you look to for inspiration?

Dear Lord, thank You for your blessings, comfort and protection as we travel on this single mum journey. I pray that you always guide us and provide with wisdom we need to steward our children – your children – into adulthood. I pray also that as fellow single mums we can bless and support each other more through this blog. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.

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  1. Hi Paula,
    Since my husband passed away in 2008, I have become a single mom of three grown kids - who no longer really need me.

    I didn't raise my children alone, that's the beautiful part.

    Husband passed away after 30 years of a meaningful marriage.

    It's different from having been divorced ... there's pain in the rejection, and the sense of betrayal.

    But there is hope. Always hope - that there will be healing, that there is life out of death, beauty out of ashes.