Sunday, 16 May 2010


... I have learnt that I prefer swings to see-saws and monkey bars

... I have been schooled on the enormity of the universe

... I have had my love tank filled

... I have discovered what it means to just be accepted for who I am and what I have to offer

... I have learnt that I am a gazelle and not a crocodile, and that I am loved just for being me and that’s ok!

Today ...

... has been a good day and it's only just passed noon. ♥


  1. What a wonderful day you had! May there be many more like this. You are absolutely glowing in that picture. You face is shining because you have had an encounter with him. You look amazing. Just gorgeous. <3

  2. Nice revelations to encounter in life. Praise God!

  3. How beautiful! I love the simplicity and rawness of your post! xx