Saturday, 27 February 2010

Thoughts on Him...

I am learning so much in my walk with God at the moment. I am drawing closer to Him and falling in love with Jesus the Gentleman more every day. I am blessed with the most wonderful Christian friends, whom I consider family. I am so very, Very, VERY thankful that God provides endless and unconditional love that He never ever left me ONCE when I was not walking right along side Him.

I was born into the church. From as far back as aged 4, I can remember going to Sunday school (my mum was my teacher...and I still have my Scripture book!) and church with my parents. Things changed when my dad decided to stop going to church when I was about 5, but Mum was persistent in keeping God in my life, and that of my older brother.

Fast forward to my 18th year when I decided that I no longer needed to go to church, despite thoroughly enjoying the previous 9 years of fellowship at the church where I attended. Yes, I went off the rails, and while I did feel His presence with me over the next 18 years, it was not until I was 36 that I stepped back into church again.

Now fast forward ahead just over 3 years and I am just amazed and in awe of my Heavenly Father and His love for me. So tonight I have some thoughts to share on Him, my walk, what I've learnt and so on. You may disagree on some points; please feel free to comment or email me to share your thoughts if you wish.

He will never ever let you experience anything that you cannot handle.
Only the strongest will make it through with their faith intact.
He will provide for you; always giving you just as much as you need.
Becoming a Christian doesn't mean you don't have normal human you deal with these issues will depend on how much you rely on God to bring you through same.
Every single thing that you have done and will do in your life will serve as a living testimony.
We were designed for another world, hence why living on earth can seem foreign at times. Reliance on Him will help maintain the peace we need during tough times.
God's abundant and never ending love for us is something greater than we can ever comprehend.
Life has such a fullness when walking with God that cannot be explained unless you experience it.
My faith does not need to be proven; it's either believed or it's not. It's not up to me to convince those who question it. God will touch someone's heart when He deems it time to.
Everything we need to live a vibrant and worthwhile life is written on the pages in the Bible. Meditating on these words is a VITAL part of our Christian walk. Without His Word as the backing behind our words, our voices are just clanging and annoying cymbals!
God's power must never, ever be under-estimated; He, after all, spoke the sun into existence and raised Jesus from the dead.
The intricacies of nature - what God made - are truly unfathomable. Everything in nature made specifically to His plan.
Life is all about love...not just saying it, but showing it; carrying the burdens of others and doing life together, not in oppostion to each other.
The most difficult part of my Christian walk is learning to stop worrying about what others think, as all has been forgiven and I am free to live as God pre-destined me to.
True respect and reverence for God, our Father, comes by just being like Jesus.

I have many more thoughts but they elude me for now. Maybe it's God's way of telling me that I now need to go to sleep!

Please feel free to share any thoughts that you have from your walk. I am delighting in life with Him at the moment and the freedom, peace and comfort He gives.

(The above image has really nothing to do with this post outside of the nature thought. I parked my car next to this tree at Jasmine's school and it took my breath away so I had to photograph it. Quality is poor due to it being on my mobile (cell), but I just love how the sun is peeking through the leaves onto the berries. God visible!)


  1. Paula, this is a great post. Each one of us has our own experience and opinion. What we experience is what God had/has planned for us. What you learned/gleaned from that creates your opinions. As long as they're in line with God it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks of you. What matters most is how God sees you. If you feel God is seeing you in a bad light; that means you're a bad example for Him to the World and you need to get your vertical alignment correct. Otherwise, rock on chick! Praise God!

  2. This is my favourite thought from your list (probably beacuse I am being taught this right now by the King):

    "The most difficult part of my Christian walk is learning to stop worrying about what others think, as all has been forgiven and I am free to live as God pre-destined me to."

    I can so relate to this!!!!! I worry too much about other people's opinions. I am learning so much about His Grace and how all has been forgiven - the past sins, the present sins and my future sins. And oh, the liberty to be as He designed me to be.........xoxoxo