Saturday, 16 January 2010

Some Late Night Whimsy...

Twenty Ten is bringing about some changes in my life, and not just spiritually but creatively also. Aside from branching out and starting my Just Call Me Nerd blog page where I can learn more about cyberspace, blogging, widgets, hacks and more...I'm also branching out into all things pretty.

My 'seemingly separated at birth from me' new friend Kate (aka The Kate) has inspired me to delve into all things pretty and creative. So...tonight I have been checking out the Real Living magazine web-site and have had a ball!

If you wish to be creatively inspired as I have this evening, please check out these links. You will be glad that you did! Can you say "ahhh..."???

The ultimate discovery for this evening was Paper Boat Press! This is a 'quadruple ahhh' find, and I am in definite lurve! This tag below WILL be my first purchase!

1 comment:

  1. I'm a Paper Boat Press fan too. Have been for a long time. I have several pieces, and I'm sure hubby has a couple of delightful quote tags tucked away for Mother's Day :)