Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Weekend That Was...

I have had a whirlwind weekend with a trip to pick my girlie up from her dad's, shopping, movie and pizza night, a birthday party/picnic, and a visit from my brother. I am done ... toast ... exhausted, as is Jasmine, who is sleeping soundly in the next room. I had meant to do a post for Yes To God Tuesday (I am behind!), so I will do a double-whammy on that during the week. Tomorrow marks the return to a somewhat normal existence again with work for me and vacation care for Jasmine. So, as I am loving life, loving the challenges it brings, and loving the lessons I'm learning, here is a photo of my brother Jamie, Jasmine and myself this evening to share.


  1. Precious family photo and sounds like you had an absolutely blessed time. I pray a peaceful and productive week as you return to work etc. Blessings to you dear sister.

  2. Great photo of you all Paula. It's hard getting back to work after a whirlwind weekend.