Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Be a Confident Woman...

I'm a big fan of Joyce Meyer and enjoyed reading her book, "The Confident Woman". Proverbs 31 is a special chapter of the Bible for me, as it reminds me of my dear grandmother who passed away over 20 years ago, and who left a legacy here on earth on how to be a godly woman. The following is Joyce's interpretation of that chapter, and a fitting one.

Be capable, intelligent and virtuous.
Comfort your husband.
Seek, crave and pursue.
Feed your family well.
Be fed with spiritual food.
Show consideration.
Stay spiritually, mentally and physically fit.
Never give up.
Don’t waste time.
Do not fear.
Refresh yourself.
Be a “fine” woman.
Use skills purposefully.
Be strong, secure and prepared.
Speak skilfully, wisely and with kindness.
Be responsible and positive.
Have strength of character and goodness.
Reverently and worshipfully fear the Lord.

(Taken from “The Confident Woman” by Joyce Meyer © 2006)

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