Saturday, 17 December 2011

What is Your Dream for 2012?

Hi everyone! Yes, I've been MIA a bit on here lately. That's because I've been busy painting. Have you checked out my art blog and/or Facebook page? If not, please go here:

and/or here:

So...2012. What's in it for you?

Today I entered a giveaway on fellow artist (and much more seasoned and skillful than I) Tracy Verdugo's blog and had to say what my dream for 2012 is. Here it is:

"My dream for 2012 is big! It includes developing more as an artist and finding a niche (or remaining eclectic...whichever!), selling more paintings, starting art classes for kiddies, offering one-on-one tutorial sessions and opening a stall at a new market starting up in Feb. Big dreams that will all come true!"

I believe I can achieve all this, as well as take up some study through work, and, God willing, continue in the new role that I start on Monday as a Team Leader.
It's taken a while, but I feel that I'm finally moving forward after two years of depression, anxiety and nervous breakdowns (yes...plural).

Art is a healer. God has given me my artistic talent. He sure is looking after me. saying all this, I ask you:

"What is your dream for 2012?"

Paula xo

PS: I will writing too...just not as much.


  1. I have been mulling over this question ever since reading your post a couple of days ago Paula.

    In 2011 my goal was to see my son graduate from high school. Mission accomplished!!! A very proud moment and a big achievement for the whole family.

    I've finally decided that in 2012 I would like to see some positive changes in my job situation.

  2. I love your dream for 2012.
    I don't heave a clear dream yet.
    Merry Christmas lovely lady.