Saturday, 5 November 2011

Weekend Delights...

No caption is necessary really ... just God's greatness on show!

The rawness of nature.

"Boldness & Beauty" drying after a spray varnish.

Hillsong's Pastor Brian Houston pumping the
Friday night church crowd up in Brisbane!

WOW! That is all!

Whoops! I think somebody underestimated its body size!
[It was freed moments later.]

Yes, I do believe. How about you?

The artist with the painting gifted to Jo Princess Warrior.

Look closely. Can you see a protective momma?

Faces only a feathered mother could love ;)

Camouflage at its best. Tell me ... what do you see?

So cute and adorable!

Do you see a bird? My girl Jasmine did and so did I!

What about the teeny tiny dragon in the middle ... do you see it?


  1. I love these photos. We share a love for many things including nature, clouds, bugs and art! I am always looking in the sky to find shapes.

  2. We also share a love for many things (as we have probably both figured by now via Instagram)!!
    Don't tell me we go to the same church too (Hillsong Bris)????