Friday, 4 March 2011

Aren't You Going To Say Hello?

I blogged recently about it being a small world and marvelling over where my readers are from. Today I checked out my stats page again and found some new places, and also saw my usual readers listed (thank you, lovely friends!). So, yes, another creation to feast your eyes on.

And a challenge for my readers. If you're a regular reader - or even a brand new reader - and have or have not left me a comment, please do! I'd love to meet you and say hi back on your blog.

I'm blessed to be blessed by you!


  1. Guess what Paula, I just -re-found your blog yesterday. I was still checking out Sweetpeas! So glad to find you again! Blessings

  2. Hmmm....I wonder what it says when I visit...Talking Rock or Ellijay (which is where or ISP is)

    Hello Friend!

  3. I just implemented google analytics to my blog so I can track data for it.

    I love reading your posts Paula. I don't know where my visits are registered from. I live near Seattle, but not in Seattle. It should say my ISP is comcast though.

  4. I don't come past all the time but still love popping in and reading you lovely blog. You are inspirational. xx

  5. Wordle is such a fun way to celebrate worldwide friendships!

  6. Hello Paula, glad I found you!