Saturday, 15 January 2011

Volunteering Alternatives...

Baking biscuits and "baby" sitting friend's children. These are two of the types of volunteering I've done over the last four days since the flood crisis approached and hit Brisbane. Today was a fun day with the girls. They watched DVDs and played games while I cooked Anzac biscuits and then they helped cut out the mixture for some oatmeal cookies.

After all the biscuits were cooked we hopped in the car and attempted to delivery our goods to one of the church volunteering hubs, but traffic was chaos so we turned around and headed to church and delivered the biscuits there.
The girls had a play while I had a well earned rest! In saying that, the people that deserve a well earned rest are the parents of the girls I minded today. They got in the thick of things. Mud, mud and more mud.

I'm proud to be able to say that I'm part of an amazing church that has taken over 1000 volunteers out into the community since Wednesday to help the victims of this week's flood in Brisbane. And to make the situation even brighter for Brisbane flood victims is that Citipointe Church has partnered with Joyce Meyer to bring the community Hands of Hope over this weekend.

Please continue to pray for the Queensland residents who have lost everything, and even loved ones, in the flood. The long so process of rebuilding will take a long time, if ever. As Queensland begins to recover, please also pray for the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania (my home state) who are also experiencing flood conditions.

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