Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sassy Single Sevens...

Today I'm in my sick bed. My doctor told me yesterday that I had to rest up and take the week off after my third (or fourth? I forget!) visit to her in five weeks. Yes...I have been unwell for THAT long! Not good! I have had anything from sinus congestion, to a chest infection...add to that ear aches and a sore throat. Yesterday I had hot flushes, body aches and nausea. Then there's the cough, sneezes, sniffles and, as the doctor discovered yesterday, lowered blood pressure!

But...I am a trooper and I do cope quite well with being ill. Partly due to the fact that I am a single mum who lives three states away from her family and have limited resources to fall back on, so I HAVE to cope. Plus, I have God looking out for me, so I know I will be fine!

So, today from my sick bed (yay for laptops!) I'm going to link up with my fellow Sassy Single Bloggers and tell you 7 Random Things About Me. I would add the button but it doesn't want to play the game today, so I'll skip it!

1. I like to keep an even number of messages in my Inbox. Odd, but true!

2. I currently take approximately 15 vitamin tablets over the course of one day.

3. I cannot eat hard pears. I prefer them soft and juicy.

4. I was once a BMX rider and was number two in my home state at an intermediate level.

5. I am honoured to be the mother of a little girl who loves me like no other!

6. I am addicted to buying books, and have had to go cold turkey to save my bank balance.

7. I am getting close to wrapping up watching Series 9 out of 10 of Stargate SG1.

So there you have it. Seven random things about me. Stop over at my fellow Sassy Single Blogger's pages and see how random they are too.


  1. I am addicted to books too. It's crazy. How cool about the BMX! I have never seen StarGate SG1. I am not much into sci fi and all that but I LOVE Doctor Who.

    Thanks for joining us today Paula...and I hope you feel much better soon! Prayers ascending for you!

  2. Hi, Paula!
    I love how you keep an even number of messages in your Inbox! I think that is so cute!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!
    A fellow SSB ~Alyssa Rose

  3. Hi Paula, it seems we single girls have a thing for books. I found a way to help save on the cost of books by joing them know bnredeemed sent you. Pray that you get well soon.

  4. Hi Paula! I'm not single ....but I used to be does that count?? I am a book devourer too! I used to read about 3 a week! But my head got filled with too much knowledge! Ha! Then I had to apply it ( as my husband so lovingly reminds me now). Hope you have a well rested week xx

  5. I am sorry you are sick! That is no fun. I have a super bad immune system so I am always getting sick.

    I second what Wanda said. Join paperback swap. It's a fabulous site!

    Fifteen vitamins...good lord! I am happy if I can remember to take one! :)

  6. You ARE a trooper!!! I hate hard pears too. Next time you come to my place I want you to break out your BMX moves on the boys bikes. ;) Love you. xo

  7. Sorry to hear you've been unwell, asking our Father to heal you. love Janet xxx

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon. Loved reading your facts :)