Saturday, 6 March 2010

Spotlight on Brisbane...

As the pain in my body due to the rain is sapping all of my energy, the mental capacity to actually start and finish a blog post - a meaningful one - is beyond me. I have two half posts done that I will blend and post soon.

In lieu of that, I've decided to spotlight some local blog talent here in Brisbane.

The first one is Salt Journals, which is the blog page of Jenny Brewer from my church. Jenny is new to blogging but absolutely LOVES writing and sharing what God is teaching her.

The second blog to feature is Michelle Dennis Evans who is a homeschool mum and writer. Michelle's blog offers a variety of posts during the week, and is always worth a read!

The third blog is SquiggleMum, which is penned by Catherine Oehlman who is just EVERYWHERE in the blogosphere! As Catherine IS everywhere, please check out her 'About Me' page HERE so you can read first hand what she is involved in.

I do hope that you get a chance to pop over to each of these pages and have a look around!


  1. Oh you are too, too sweet Paula. Thank you for the lovely shout out. Hasn't the rain been completely insane?! Everything feels damp, and I've had way too much coffee because I just want to wrap my hands around a warm cup!

    Blessings to you and your gorgeous girl.

    Cath/SquiggleMum. xx

  2. Thanks Paula - you are so lovely!

  3. I am going to check them out :)

    I so understand your first few sentences. Rain and cold are my enemies erhm well I guess I should say fibro's enemies. They zap just about everything out of me. We have had a very cold and wet fall and winter. I am so looking forward to Spring here I am praying for lots of sunshine. :)