Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Fast Year...

The year 2009 is almost over and it's been a full year with Jasmine at school. She enjoyed her first year at school after a shaky start, and also started dancing classes, and completed a couple of smaller after school activities involving athletics and tai kwon do. The school also has a learn to swim program, which, despite tears at the swim carnival, was enjoyed.

Our Christmas holiday is halfway over and we will soon return to normalacy. The weather has been hot, cool, humid and rainy, so our holiday activities have been somewhat limited. I've enjoyed some time at home alone with Jasmine holidaying with her paternal grandmother. We've been to the flicks, had some visitors, and will be having a trip into the city and the state library tomorrow.

All fun stuff and memories for my girl and I.

"A daughter is a gift of love." - Author Unknown

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