Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Case For Christmas...

This week Dan King from and various other guest bloggers tackle Lee Strobel's book "The Case for Christmas". Join Dan and company as they share their thoughts on each chapter. I've never read any of Lee's work before so I decided to buy the book yesterday. I'm half way through chapter one and I'm loving it so far. I can't wait to delve more into each chapter through the posts on Bible Dude.


  1. I haven't read any of those books, but have a copy of one of them, I think the case for Easter. Awhile back, my dad told my husband and son, both of whom are not believers, that he is a closet atheist. He goes to church with my mom, and was a deacon for awhile. I want to give him one of the "case for" books. Someone said to get the one on creation, because that one will cause him to believe in God.

    I'll have to check out that blog, and come back to see what you think of this one. If you or anyone reading this has a recommendation, let me know.

    Thanks, Sue

  2. I love the BibleDude!

    Have read the Case for Christ. These are great books. I'll try to follow along with the posts.

    Merry Christmas, Paula!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Paula! It means a lot when another blogger puts up a post that simply shares the work of another blogger, so I am honored and humbled by your recommendation for people to check out the series!

    It is a great series, and the book is awesome. I know that it is basically adapted from Stobel's bigger The Case for Christ book, so much of the content will be familiar to hose who have read his other work.

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!