Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Time for a Cup of God's Goodness...

It's month number two for The Kettle Club and time again for our catch up and discussion. Please pop over to Exemply Online's blog for more posts. March has come and gone in a blur and I'm thankful to say that Jasmine has finally settled into her school routine and has gone for over a week now with no crying when I drop her off at school, and also no crying when she goes to after school care. I continue to pray for God's goodness and strength over her as she embraces her new life as a school student. Another breakthrough from the last month is that, although I still find it hard to have my quiet time with God (see below), I am becoming more focused in what I'm doing on a minute by minute basis. Focus, I've found, alleviates some of the day to day stresses that tear me away from being all that I can be for God.

What are some practical ways you maintain a consistent “in the Word” time?

I actually struggle to maintain a consistent “in the Word” time due to being the solo mum of a nearly 5 year old. I do, however, have devotionals and books scattered around the house so I can pick up something and at least read a little bit of inspiration when I can. I do find, however, that I get more “in the Word” time at work on my breaks, and of an evening when Jasmine has gone to bed. It’s not always consistent, but I'm in it, so that is better than not at all!

Do you have a certain morning system that accompanies your quiet time? If so, share it with us! A special place in your home you go to read? A special devotional or Bible you use? Do you journal, drink tea, pray out loud or have a picture board of those you are praying for?

When I do get to have some quiet time in the mornings, it’s usually when I first wake up. I share my bed with my Bibles and books on the empty side, so I turn my light on, prop myself up in bed, pray and then read. If that doesn’t happen, it’s usually either when I’m blow-drying my hair (don’t ask, but it works and that’s the main thing!) or over my morning coffee when my girlie is set up at the dining table eating her breakfast. I am still reading “Every Day With Jesus” and the current devotional is on being Jesus’ apprentice. Very fruitful lessons are being learnt there! I do like the idea of a picture board where I can pray for people, as I don’t pray enough for others, or myself for that matter!

In what ways have you been applying what you are learning in your devotional time into your day?

The main thing that I’ve been applying into my day is to be like Jesus. By that I mean referring back to what I’ve learnt about His character and how He would react in the same situation. With the Yes to God Tuesdays studies that I’ve done I have been applying what I’ve learnt from there into my days. The last study on Self Talk, Soul Talk by Jennifer Rothschild, was about profitable thoughts and what I speak to my self and my soul. So from that I’ve been vetting what I allow myself to think about. Basically it must be profitable, even if it was a painful memory, etc. The current study on An Untroubled Heart by Micca Campbell, which I’m only 2 weeks into, is about “finding a faith that is stronger than all my fears”. A powerful book already, but one where I’m already applying Micca’s, and God’s, nuggets of wisdom into my life.

If you are working on memorizing Scripture, can you offer a few tips that help you for our other Kettle Members?

I am doing the Siesta Scripture Memory Team challenge still, but am not learning my verses verbatim as I would like to, but am keeping snippets etched in my mind. I find that if I memorise just a few key words in each verse, then the other words flow easier.

Share a standout lesson you’ve learned this month and why it has made such an impact on you.

My standout lesson for the last month came to me over the weekend. I have a broken spirit and need to be healed. I’d never been able to “name” this feeling of inadequacy that has plagued me over the last few years, but now I do. I am praying for God to heal me, hence my post of the Kari Jobe song on the weekend, as it fits how I feel exactly.

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  1. Paula, I like this. Great post.

    Lord Jesus, I lift up Paula to You. I claim your scripture: "by my stripes you are healed" for Paula. She's exclaimed that she has a broken spirit Father. I ask Father that You cover her in Your grace & mercy leading her through this a better place in You. I thank You in advance for hearing & answering my prayer. In Jesus' name, amen.