Thursday, 15 January 2009

Some New and Loving Thoughts...

...from me to me...
i am a good mother and i am raising my daughter well
i have overcome obstacles successfully to be where i am now in life
i am a capable person and can achieve tasks i set before myself
i provide well for my daughter and myself and am not reckless
i am respected within my workplace
i have a wonderful circle of friends who look out for me
i have a loving family who care for me
i am the daughter of a powerful and mighty God

...from jasmine to me...
i love you
i play with you
we watch tv
i like loving and playing with my mummy
you help me to be good
i help you to not be angry
i like cuddling you
i be kind to you


  1. Paula, these are great. How wonderful that you are changing the thoughts in your closet in this way.

  2. This is wonderful Paula. I love Jasmines list. I have a placemat that Brinn made me that has a list of things about me. I need to read it daily.


  3. These are magnificent thoughts, Paula! Much closer to the Truth of God than the things I often tell myself. Thanks for sharing a list I will come back to for refreshing!