Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I don't want it, yet I have it! Yes, writer's block has struck again. Please pray that the gray matter will feel the need to read and sprite to write very soon! I miss my creative spark and the joy it brings, and I miss sharing with my blogland friends. Thinking of you all!


  1. I'm with ya. Actually, I've had several things float around my head...ideas of subject matters but have not sat down to write anything out...laziness, I guess. I have withdrawl as my time writing is truly time with the Lord. I miss that aspect.

    Shoot me an email sometime.
    Love ya,
    Paula ♥

  2. Hey there! How have you been?!

  3. Hey Paula, I am experiencing writer's block when it comes to my blog too ... though I am still doing other writing so it's not a total block, just a blog block! Try saying that fast ten times LOL!!!!

    love Janet xxx