Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Thank You and My Apologies...

First up, I want to say thank you to my lovely friend Jo from Princess Warrior Lessons who has awarded me with the above. Thank you so very much for this, you are a gem. I also want to say thanks to Naomi from Among The Gum Trees for tagging me in her reading blog.

Now, secondly, I'd like to send my apologies to these ladies for not reciprocating in their blog tags and to let them know that I do appreciate their kind gestures and thoughts.

The last week or two have gone by in a bit of a blur for me, so my posts have been sparodic and my thoughts have been even worse. I am heading to my home state and town in a few days for a week or so and I'm actually struggling with getting my packing done while also dealing with life in general (you know...work, child, etc, etc, etc).

So, to alleviate some of the pressure I made the decision just now to not stress about things, to let people know I'm thinking of them (thanks again ladies) and that while I will be keeping up with my online study offline I won't be posting much on here (if at all) for the next couple of weeks.

I will be back with a vengeance and look forward to catching up with all my blogland friends when I do.


  1. And, fair enuff! Take it easy and have a great time in Tassie. Any chance of swinging by the Cadbury Factory, and sniffing some chocolate for me???!!!

  2. No need to apologise! I will still love you anyway! Not long now until your trip.......

  3. WE'll be thinking of you too! Traveling mercies and we'll miss you. Have a grand time. Can't wait until you are "back with a vengeance!"

  4. Have a wonderful time on "vacation" or is it "holiday"?

    Email me sometime if you have access. Keep me in touch and let me know if you need anything...from across seas.
    Love you,