Saturday, 27 September 2008

Tagged by a Tree...

I've been "stealth" tagged by a "Gum Tree" (hehe) so now it's my turn to tell 6 things about myself and tag 6 other lovely ladies. So here are the rules...

Post rules on your blog, write 6 random things about yourself, tag 6 people and then pass it on for fun...

I always eat takeaway Chinese food when watching my favourite martial arts flicks, and move around like a kung-fu master afterwards, haha.
I always wanted to be an primary (elementary) school teacher when I "grew up". I didn't get there, but now I am teaching my very own personal student.
I love autumn and winter the best, can handle spring, but loathe summer here in Queensland.
I eat cookies and sweets in even numbers only. Don't ask me why! Maybe I have a slight form of OCD?!
The empty spot in my queen-sized bed is taken up with Bibles, books, dictionaries and writing pads! Good thing I'm living solo at present!
I collect stationery - notebooks, sticky note pads, gel point pens, you name it, I love it! I'm thinking of starting a Facebook group called "Stationery Lovers Anonymous"!

That my list, and I've decided to follow "Gum Tree's" lead and "stealth" tag some friends, so here goes...

YOU are the sweetest smelling "flower" in the garden (next to my own beautiful blossom, that is)...
YOU are the admirer of all things "A"...
YOU are the keeper of the best of "company"...
YOU are the telling of the most "humourous" tales...
YOU are the lover of a "daily dip"...
YOU are the brave "warrior princess"...

Enjoy ladies!


  1. I'm a stationary nut too. Have you been to Chermside Westfield and ventured into 'Smiggle'? It's Stationary and Accessories Heaven - love it!!! I'm sniffin' my strawberry highlighter (in it's compact silver case) as I type!!! Have a great day. I'm being SOOOO lazy, and spending way too much time on this 'puter!!!

  2. I too have a staionery fetish!!!!


  3. Love stationery goodies too! I am always looking out for cute stickers and love cute notecards and gel pens and journals too! So fun! and so fun to get cards and letters in the mail!

  4. How funny!
    I am going to just post my 6 things here if that's okay...I'll post the same ones I did on Naomi's. :)
    By the way, I clicked on the correct "hint" and was taken to my blog. :) Very good clue and so true. ;)

    1. I have a sharp tongue
    2. When trying to control my sharp tongue instead of using words to lash out at my hubby, Gene knows if I'm upset if I bring home any dessert with peanut butter in it. :)
    3. My husband & I share the same Sunday Oct. 5th but he's 6yrs older. :)
    4. Being a writer was never a childhood dream of mine.
    5. I love avacodos sprinkled with lemon pepper
    6. I had all 3 kids with no meds.

    Much love,